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 sorry to say

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PostSubject: sorry to say   sorry to say I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 23, 2012 2:49 pm

i am over players coming to me over realism as i am not the leader so i send them to the others i have had major complaints that we use the same maps over and over never try new ones
this is why alot of players have left and not played we have 30 maps in the realism use different ones

coz also other clans do so if we dont start using new maps we are going to be behind and out dated
so fix this asap leaders of realism

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PostSubject: Re: sorry to say   sorry to say I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 24, 2012 4:40 am

You are one of the highest ranking officers, youre a leader scorgasm. Smile please feel free to lead any time. Anyone of any rank can lead, but it's better when the snrs do it. :)I know I'm more then happy to just play. Smile sorry you felt so left out. I'll remember in future to step down a bit more. Smile can't have our ranking officers thinking they're not leaders. Smile

This is also the exact reason I made my website. It shows which maps are on the FDL that are suitable for realism, and then midlands and spawn, so we can get new maps going without to much wait time or ending up in unsuitable ones like mario-air or 3xi-train on a vote. :p admins can preview the map, and know its rough size etc, before it goes on a vote if they've never seen it. If its not on that site, it's not suitable or on the FDL. We don't want to kill realism with broken downloads or weird maps.

Also, I've never thought of this. When we ask for map votes we very rarely get asked for anything but the standard maps. I will suggest in future we ask if they want a new one included, I just assumed they liked the boring ones. XD i usually trybto put a new map in, but it mostly fails the vite. Razz wish someone had said something to me. :p I love new maps. ^_^ glad they told you, or I'd've never known. Smile thanks for sharing.

I know the other servers have different maps, but we have a lot of those same ones. We have a huge selection of about 70? Maps, so while playing ones people are comfortable with is good, we can't do all new maps either. The novility of a new map is short-lived and unless its a good map, it won't be replayed. Chicago is a classic example of a new map that became regular. Smile
That said, we still get good numbers. I think the regular maps have been replayed so much for a reason, people like them. So I don't think they should be left out- nothing wrong with being the group that runs the regular maps when nooone else does. Smile there's something to be said for consistency and feeling comfortable in a map. ^_^

Anyways, good luck with it.

"Life is full of froth and bubble but two things stand like stone: Kindness in another's trouble and Courage in your own"
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sorry to say
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