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 Realism Handbook: Chapter 3

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PostSubject: Realism Handbook: Chapter 3   Realism Handbook: Chapter 3 I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 24, 2012 1:51 am

Chapter 3. Binds/Commands


Using binds is an exceptional way to communicate information quickly and when possible discretely to other players. However, nothing good will come from spamming them.

The following commands are necessary to have binded, and it is important they are binded to the proper chat channels. If a team chat bind needs to be communicated to the opposite team, type it out.

Heal/Medic: !medic

Console Command: bind <key> "say !medic"

To bind a key, make sure your developer console is checked in your options, and press ~. From your console, type the above commands and assign them each to a key of your choosing. Common keys are those near your movement keys, usually wasd, and those on the numberpad, if you have one. To find a name of a key in game you can always assign it to something in your keyboard options, grab the name, and then undo your changes.

Optional Binds:

-A silent yes sir.
bind <key> signal_yes

-A silent negative.
bind <key> signal_no

-Attack command to coordinate a fluent tactic with no mic delay.
bind <key> signal_moveout

-Stop a rush or attack with no mic delay.
bind <key> signal_holdposition

-Call out grenade with no mic delay.
bind <key> signal_grenade

-Start a demo with predetermined name. Great for record 1 glitches.
bind <key> "record <name>.dem"

-Stop a demo.
bind <key> "stop"

Useful Commands:

%c Broadcasts your class.
%l Broadcasts your current location (or nearest landmark).
%h Broadcasts your current health level.

Example of use: bind <key> "say_team I'm a %c at %l with %h health remaining"


!info = Tells you what round, score & whether your team is attacking or defending.
!live = The Leader of the defending team lives the round.
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Realism Handbook: Chapter 3
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