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 Realism Handbook: Chapter 1

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Realism Handbook: Chapter 1 Empty
PostSubject: Realism Handbook: Chapter 1   Realism Handbook: Chapter 1 I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 24, 2012 1:46 am

Chapter 1. Realism Rules And Regulations.

- Half / Half on all maps. (ask Admin leading for midlines)
- NO rifle grenade priming. (picking up your own rifle grenade)
- NO Skyboxing
- All Pick-ups ( Team and Enemy)
- NO unrealistic position(s)/Spot(s)
- NO Roofs or Trees.
- Moveable/Breakable Barricades.

Realism Protocols:

The ANZACS takes pride in the public and private realisms that it holds. We do our best to

provide the BEST public realism experience of any other unit. We follow set guidelines that

have been developed to ensure a disciplined challenging experience for all who participate.

It is up to every member to follow our rules and enforce them fairly on everyone.


The ranking admin will run the realism or assign the next highest rank to the task. A

second member of rank private or above may be asked to stand with the leader to help

control the line. The line will be formed on the largest most convenient wall. The member

(s) running the realism will stand in front facing the line. All participants will come to

attention with pistols out. It is the responsibility of the member(s) running the realism

to control the line. The more discipline you enforce at the beginning of the realism, the

more that will carry over throughout the entire game. The Admin running the realism will

begin to explain the map's specific rules. His assistant, if present, will continue to

control the line. Once rules have been established, team leaders will be picked at the

Admin's discretion. A working audible mic is required for a participant to lead a team.

Picking Teams:

Team leaders will be given the floor and the assistant, if present, will rejoin his

appropriate line. The Admin running the realism will stand to the side continuing to

control the line. Weapon restrictions will be negotiated first between leaders so that

leaders will have a better idea who they want on their team to fill the roles. The Admin

will have final say on weapon restrictions if there are ANY conflicts. There are three

situations for how teams are picked depending on who the leaders are. The choice is always

either first pick or pick team. Who gets the choice is decided by the following.

1) Two pubbers - First picked as team leader gets choice.
2) One pubber, One ANZAC member - Guest gets choice.
3) Two ANZAC members - First picked as team leader gets choice.

The player or member who gets the choice may also always choose to let the other leader

make the choice if he/she so wishes. Once players are picked from the wall, the Admin

running the realism will ensure they remain in their assigned spawn and out of the way.

Once all participants have been picked, the Admin in charge will make sure the teams are

even and correct any complications. He/she will then join his/her assigned team and start

the realism timer.


Players MUST obey the team leaders at all times. They will line up on the designated wall

with their primary weapons out. Each Team Leader will designate the weapons decided upon.

It is the duty of all ANZAC members to see that participants are acting maturely and

wasting as little time as possible. The attacking team must remain in spawn at all times

and the defense team may NOT cross the midline for ANY reason.

Attack: Team leader will devise his strategy for offense with his team.

Defense: Team leader will organise his team's defense and place each member of his team in a location.


During a live round, global chat should be refrained. Once again all ANZAC members must do

their best to keep things orderly on their team and keep mic chatter and immaturity to a

minimum. Admins should also try to keep rounds moving and encourage campers on the

attacking team to push forward. DQ's and replays are initiated by the Admin running the

realism based on the degree of the rule violation. These should be avoided as much as


In event of tie after 4 rounds, a fifth round ( Attack vs Attack) is played. This means both

teams attack. Rifles only. Players are not to Camp or Prone. Players need to keep attacking.

Game Over:

At the close of a game, it is VERY important to reorganize the lines quickly and get things

rolling again. Participants will be given a moment to discuss the game's events then

brought back to attention. A map vote will be generated after 2 to 3 games on a map. The

Admin running the realism is to instruct participants to type out map suggestions. It is

encouraged that you do not select maps suggestions that get spammed.
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Realism Handbook: Chapter 1
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